Small Shop Web Design

We offer limited web development and hosting services to our local customers. Our design prices are often lower than other major development studios, however due to our limited size and resources, we don't have the capabilities of many of those larger studios.

Through our use of the Drupal architecture we are able to extend our capabilites and offer custom sites with many of the more advanced capabilities found in larger sites.

Our Rates

Deposit: $750 (this covers the first years hosting and 8 hours of labor)

Hourly Rate: $75 (for labor beyond the deposit and future updates)

Annual Hosting: $200 (includes domain registration and hosting for one year)

While we do work on sites hosted elsewhere, we cannot be held responsible for problems incurred due to your third party host.

Accomodations can be made for people interested in hosting more than one site with us.

The majority of future updates (short of full rebuilds) takes minimal time, and we work on a combined billing system. You will not be billed separately for multiple small edits over a short period of time. Labor will be accrued until it reaches an hour or until a reasonable period of time has passed. We do this to save our customers money and simplify the development process.

Our Work
We helped design the core of the Zoo's website, and then handed it over to them to maintain in house.
Currently still in development, This site is intended to be a community hub. Much of the site is fully functional.
Miles of Smiles was one of our first Drupal based sites to go live. It is currently co-maintained by us and their director.
A simple site we built from scratch.
The Finnup Foundation site's layout was designed by their director and we were able to make it into a website based on her vision.