Data Recovery

"All my pictures of my grandchildren are on there, and now it won't turn on."

Many of us store our whole life on our computers. This can lead to scary moments for individuals and businesses alike. Whether its your grandchildren's pictures, your resume, or your business' recent financial information, you need to get that information back. And lets face it, very few of us make the up-to-date back ups we should be making. When you think you've lost it all, we are here to help you try and recover that precious data.

Tune Up

Just like a car, a computer requires regular maintenance to keep running at its best. Cleaning out the pipes, checking for bottlenecks that drop its speed and clearing away the accumulations of trash software that all contribute to a slower computer and overall wear and tear on the components.

Often times the software you need comes with add-ons we don't, which install in the background. Tool bars, system scanners, preformance enhancers, download managers, etc. all pile up and each takes its own little chunk of your computers processing power. On their own they don't hurt too much but once you get a collection of them they can add up. Many of these programs feel they need to start up when your computer starts which shows by adding a couple seconds to your boot time a piece.

Another issue is that regular use can leave files scattered all across your hard drive in a disorganized mess. Think of it like a shop in which people have been working and leaving the tools laying around. Each project takes longer and longer as they have to spend more time looking for the right tools. As part of the tune up process we basically put all the tools back in their proper place to make it easier for the computer to find when it needs them.

You'll get a computer back that's quicker and more stable. Schedule your tune up today!

Virus Repair

FBI Virus Screen CaptureViruses can strike without warning and at the worst possible times. These malicious programs do their absolute best to make your computer unusable, and can be insurmountable for most people to get around. On top of that they often attempt to collect personal and financial information which they send back to their creator. Most infections these days are part of a family known as 'Rogue Anti-Virus.' They masquerade as a real anti-virus, telling you that you are infected and that you need to buy the full version of their product to fix it. They will then prompt you for a credit card and either pretend to fix the issue or claim your card failed to process and ask for a new one. If you are fooled by these it is important to contact your credit companies and inform them of the scam.

We specialize in virus removal and repair. With more than 30 years of hands-on experience battling the viral wars, you can trust us to whip up on the evil software trying to ruin your day. Don't delay - running a viral computer increases the liklihood of damage and data loss. At the first signs of trouble (blue screens of death, pop ups or sudden slowness), bring your computer in. No appointment necessary!

Online Backup

Paraclete Online Backup Powered by GillwareParaclete Computer Services now offers an online backup service so you can protect your information. Many people do not realize just how much of their lives now exists on their computers until those computers fail. And they will always fail. Whether it's the financial information for your business or the pictures of your children or grandchildren, it can all disappear in the blink of an eye. In our day to day experiences we often have to let people know that there is very little that can be done to recover their data off a failed hard drive. And often, when the data can be recovered it can cost a small fortune.

However, this is rarely a worry for people using automated backups. With an automated online back up, your data is protected and held in a secure, encrypted server. This way, even in the worst case scenarios, it is possible to get up and running again quickly. You don't have to worry about whether you ran that backup the other day or not, it's done for you.

In order to show you how well this software works, we offer Free 30 day trials, as well as FREE financial backups. These Financial Backups will backup your Quickbooks, Quicken, or Peachtree data files. ensuring that in the event of a catastrphic failure, you can get back to business in as short of time as possible.

Network Set Up and Repair

In the past few years home networks have skyrocketed in popularity. Just a few years ago it was rare for a family to have more than one computer. Now many families have a family computer, a laptop for work, a laptop for little Susie's home work, a network printer or even a dvd player that can stream netflix from the internet. The question then becomes 'How do I get all these computers on the internet at the same time?' Well we can help you there. Whether you need help getting all your computers to print to your wireless printer, getting your xbox to watch videos on your computer, or just making sure Susie can get to wikipedia for her homework, we have an answer for you.

Businesses often have an even greater demand on their network. Keeping information up to date and accessible to all your employees (or just the ones who need it) can mean the difference between getting that job done on time or missing your deadline. Most small businesses can't afford to maintain an IT professional to cover their needs. We can help you keep your network running while keeping your cost low. Most days we can provide same day service, and can sometimes arrange an on-call type of service before hand for short amounts of time should you have that need.

Remote Support

HELPToo far away? We now provide remote support services.

Provided that your computer still has broadband Internet access, our technicians may be able to remote into your computer to perform minor fixes or network mapping issues. It's quick and easy. When you're on the phone with a tech, just download this file, run it and we'll talk you through the rest.