NobilisParaclete Computer Services primarily sells Nobilis Computers. While we can assemble and install computers custom designed in our shop, our partnership with Nobilis provides many benefits to our customers and to us. Nobilis operates only through partnerships with local business instead of selling through big box retailers. For you, this means you have someone local who can help you with all your support and repair needs. For us it means consistent parts availability down the line in case the worst should happen. We manufactured our own computers until we found a company that was as dedicated as we were to quality - Nobilis was the only company that met our standards. We also love that they have a factory is Olathe, KS where real technicians build our workstations by hand. Professional grade hardware for people like you.

All New Nobilis Computers are sold with a 3 Year Parts/1 Year Labor Warranty. This Warranty is serviced directly through our shop, meaning no calls to India, no waiting on hold for hours,and no shipping. You simply bring it by and tell us what's wrong with it.


Paraclete Computer Services is now also offering ASUS as an affordable alternative.Asus

Parts and Accessories

We also stock a wide variety of cables, keyboards, flash drives, USB devices, and other options to help you set up your computer just how you need it, at competitive prices.

Networking Equipment

Whether you're looking for a simple home solution, or an extensive business network, we can provide the necessary equipment and knowledge to get you set up and running. We have the knowledge and experience to get you started right so you have a reliable and secure network so you can do your work without worrying about whether or not there are problems with your connection.

Network Security Cameras

UniFi VisionSecurity camera systems are becoming more and more affordable, but more and more complex. We hope to take the confusion out of it, but providing you with a local source for your recording needs.

We work with Ubiquity UniFi Vision equipment to create a system that works on your existing computer network. With this set up you can easily access your recordings from your computers in the office, or even online. These systems are easily expandable, and can be set up with only a single camera, or with over a hundred.

These cameras are loaded with options, with bullet cams, dome cams, or simple web cams, they support motion or full-time recording, infared, and self managed storage, so there are no tapes to replace or switch. The bullet cams are also weather resistant and can survive the harsh summers and winters.

Each system is custom designed and ordered for the specific location, so give us a call and we can discuss what works best for you and get you a quote.


Nobilis DesktopsDesktops are the bread and butter of the computer world. Easily upgradable, powerful, customizable, and stable. Desktops tend to run slightly cheaper than laptops due to the wide availablity of parts from different manufacturers. Since almost all the parts are interchangable and replaceable desktops tend to cost less to maintain and upgrade in the future. Great in office environments where stability and cost is important.

Desktops are available both in a normal sized tower and in new smaller sizes.

Desktop computers can be customized to almost any task from more ecenomic solutions for home and light business use, to power houses for computer gaming and heavy office use.

Small Form Factor DesktopSmall Form Factor computers can fill many roles as well. With the growth of media streaming over the internet, many computers are finding their way into entertainment centers and other tight spaces. They also work great for Point-of-Sale systems since they take up very little counterspace and can be hidden.

Laptops, Netbooks & Tablets

Laptops exchange the customizability of a desktop for convenience and portability. Their all-in-one package makes them far more convenient to move around, and saves on space in areas where it is at a premium. Laptops tend to cost more than desktops due to the uniqueness of the components used to build them. This can also make repairs more of a challenge since the parts aren't as easy to access as they are in desktops.

Laptops are available in many sizes from tiny netbooks at around 10" which offer a little less power and diversity of larger computers, to 17" desktop replacements which have power comparable to mid- to high-end desktops and a larger screen. They tend to weigh more so you trade horsepower for some portability.


Easy to transport, netbooks can easily fit into a briefcase or large purse. There portabilty makes them ideal for someone constantly on the go who needs a computer primarily for email and browsing the internet. However, the trade off for this convenience is felt in several places. In order to make such a small light package, some features must be sacrificed like a full sized keyboard and a CD/DVD drive. Many people find the small keyboard dificult to type on and the lack of an integrated disk tray can make some tasks more complicated. The small 10" screen also means that items on the screen must be small and can sometimes be dificult to see.

Full Size Laptops

Thin-N-Lite Laptop13" - The 13" thin and light notebook is the middle ground between a netbook and the standard 15" laptop. Sacrificing the integrated disk tray to save space, the 13" laptop has a full size laptop keyboard for easier typing, and the screen is also easier to read than on a netbook.

15" - 15" is the standard size for most laptops. Most laptops will fall into this size range since they are still fairly portable, but also come fully loaded.

17" - Laptops in the 17"+ range tend to lose their portabilty because of weight and size. They generally are meant to be used as "desktop replacements" providing convenience in the lack of wires and other loose parts. With the increase in size they also usually sport more powerful components and better cooling allowing for improved preformance.

Military Grade Ruggedized LaptopRuggedized - For those who need a laptop that can survive in harsher conditions, we offer a ruggedized 14" laptop. This includes shock absorbers around sensitive parts like the hard drive, as well as extra seals to improve water resistance. These computers can withstand conditions that would destroy most laptops.

Tablets - The latest technology is tablet computing - basically a hand-held touch screen computer that offers super portability and easy navigation. The Nobilis Slate is our offering in the tablet market. It's not a glorified cell phone like most tablets, but a serious, fully-powered PC running Windows 7. You can have a real version of Microsoft Office or Quickbooks running on there and still multi-task. Medical professionals, retail management, attorneys, busy moms and anyone wanting the portability and power that this machine offers. Nobilis Slate - the tablet for grown-ups!