Virus, Malware & Adware Infection

Yes, we hate them, too. Viruses, rogue antivirus products, malware programs and adware. Hackers are increasingly creative in their ways to infect your computer. But you have an ally here: we have been tackling this problem for more than a decade and have been schooled by experience.

Our entire staff can haul viruses out of operating systems as far back as Windows 98 through the newest Windows 7 versions. Macs? Yep, we have even removed virus infection from a Mac.

If your computer is for home use, after we have thoroughly deep cleaned out the machine, we provide a free antivirus product and there are many. These are excellent products, but are ONLY for home use and are not charged for by us. Business computers, regardless of the tax status of the entitity, are rerquired to use a

Paraclete Computer Services primarily sells Nobilis Computers. While we can assemble and install computers custom designed in our shop, our partnership with Nobilis provides many benefits to our customers and to us. Nobilis operates only through partnerships with local business instead of selling through big box retailers. For you, this means you have someone local who can help you with all your support and repair needs. For us it means savings on parts costs as well as a guarentee that we will have a supply of repair parts down the line in case the worst should happen.

Hardware replacement

Hard DriveIt's a fact of life that hardware wears out, breaks down or gets damaged. When that happens, you have to get it fixed, and usually, you need it fixed fast. Paraclete Computer Services keeps a wide variety of standard parts on hand to replace broken and damaged parts, allowing us to get your computer in and out the door quickly.

We work hard to help our customers understand what has happened to their machine to give them a better understanding of what they can expect from us. We believe it is important for the customer to know what the costs and benefits are of any work done, so that they can make an informed decision when it comes time to decide whether to fix it or replace it.

Laptop Screen Repair

Between Children, Pets, and the general chaos of life, it's not a surprise that laptop screens get broken as often as they do. Whether your laptop took a nasty fall, or got shut on something too hard, we can find a replacement screen and have it installed as quickly as possible.

Drivers, Registries, and Programs. Oh My!

Computers are famous for their coded and confusing errors. For those who don't know what they mean they can be useless and frustrating, and can prevent you from getting any work done.

Whether their caused by a broken program, a lost file or an absent driver, we can help you resolve them.